Oklahoma Tribal Nations are major drivers of Oklahoma’s overall economy, ranking as a Top 10 industry. As sovereign nations, tribes deliver key safety-net services and invest billions in businesses that benefit both tribal members and all Oklahomans.


In 2019, the total economic impact that tribes made in Oklahoma was $15.6 billion. In addition to direct contributions, tribes generate billions in production by companies that support tribes’ business operations.


Oklahoma tribes support 113,442 jobs in the state, representing $5.4 billion in wages and benefits to Oklahoma workers.  While direct employment exceeds 54,000 jobs, tribal investment spurs job growth in many different industries.


Investment in Community

  • Over $1.8 billion in exclusivity fees for public education and mental health services
  • $84 million in additional support to schools, municipalities and other community initiatives
  • $232 million paid in Medicaid expenditures at tribal health care facilities
  • Saved Oklahoma $86 Million by requiring no state matching Medicaid funds

“This study shows just how important tribes are to Oklahoma’s economy. We are helping create sustainable economies through our many valuable jobs as well as making other substantial and impactful investments into our broader communities. This is our home and we look forward to continued growth – growth that benefits all Oklahomans.”

Neal McCaleb, Chickasaw Nation Ambassador to the United States

Total Economic Impacts from Oklahoma Tribes in 2019

Employment Payroll Value-Added Output
Direct Effect 54,201 $2,460,481,382 $4,163,055,614 $8,282,415,423
Multiplier Effect 59,240 $2,904,770,725 $4,359,608,918 $7,284,240,437
Total Effect 113,442 $5,365,252,106 $8,522,664,532 $15,566,655,861